What is the time to submit an appeal?

14 days from the date of issuing the notification about the obligation to pay an additional fee. If an appeal is lodged after the above deadline, the appeal will not be considered.

How much time are appeals processed?

Appeals are usually considered within 7 business days; in the case of appeals requiring specific documentation or obtaining additional information, this time may be longer.

What happens if I exceed the reduced additional fee date while examining my appeal?

If an appeal is lodged within the reduced additional amount, then in the event of a negative appeal, the time for bringing the reduced additional fee is extended by the number of days that was originally indicated as the date of the reduced additional fee.


What are the paid parking lots of the WiParking company?

Most WiParking car parks are paid 24 hours a day.

I would like to pay an additional fee. How to do it?

The additional fee must be paid by bank transfer to the bank account number indicated in the request, providing in the recipient’s data: WiParking and the bank account number provided on the notification. The transfer title should include the date of receipt of the request and the vehicle’s registration number.

I forgot to enter the required data in the transfer title. What should I do?

Please send immediately to our address ksiegowosc@wiparking.pl confirmation of the transfer and the details that were to be in the title – i.e. registration number and date of receipt of the request.

What happens if I pay only part of the additional fee?

If you pay an additional fee lower than the applicable amount, please immediately complete the payment to the full amount due. If only part of the additional fee is paid, the remaining unpaid amount will be given for the recovery process.

I didn't pay the call. What threatens me?

Failure to pay the additional fee may result in, among others entry in the register of debtors and referring the case to court, which may result in significantly higher costs and consequences. In the absence of payment of an additional fee, WiParking forwards debt collection requests to appropriate debt collection companies and law firms.

I received a letter from the court regarding an unpaid call. What can I do?

Contact us at the email windykacja@wiparking.pl with the case reference number. Your message will be forwarded to the office dealing with your case. Due to the quick response and repayment of arrears, it is sometimes possible to avoid some court costs.

Does the controller have to notify persons entering the parking lot about payments in the parking lot?

No. The controller is not obliged to notify the persons entering the parking lot about payments for the parking lot. Appropriate signs inform about this. The inspector is obliged to check whether the parked vehicle has a valid ticket and perform appropriate documentation activities in case of invalid or missing ticket.

Someone scratched my car? What can I do?

The car parks are not guarded, so WiParking is not responsible for vehicles left (section III of the Regulations “Responsibility of the Administrator”). In the event of damage to the vehicle, the vehicle user may report the incident to the relevant uniformed services. We will make monitoring recordings available at the request of the authorities conducting proceedings regarding damage to your vehicle.

Are there any permits allowing free parking in the parking lot?

No. Invalidity cards, permits from offices and all other permits and documents held do not entitle to free parking in the parking lot.

Can an additional fee be paid to employees?

No. Controllers and service technicians are not allowed to accept any money or change it.

Can I pay a difference in the amount of parking instead of paying an additional fee?

No. After receiving notification of an additional fee, only the additional fee will apply.

Can I receive an invoice for parking?

If you want to receive an invoice for parking, please send all necessary invoice data to the address ksiegowosc@wiparking.pl along with a photo of the parking ticket.

How to receive confirmation of payment?

Sufficient confirmation of payment is the confirmation of a properly entitled transfer.

I received a request for payment from a debt collection company for an unpaid call. What to do next?

If you receive a request for an additional fee from a debt collection company or law firm, please contact the company to which you contact us in the letter received. Also in this case, the payment of arrears before going to court will allow you to ignore the considerable costs of court proceedings.