WiParking is a group of several companies dealing with paid parking – the so-called parking operators. Car parks operated by WiParking were and are being operated in full compliance with Polish law. Most car parks were and are operated with the help of parking meters that issue parking tickets. Pursuant to the regulations, the parking ticket should be placed in a visible place behind the windscreen of the vehicle in a way that it can be read in order to check compliance with the obligation to pay the parking fee. If there is no valid parking ticket placed in a visible place behind the windscreen of the vehicle in a manner enabling its reading, an employee of the Administrator or a person authorized by him leaves behind the vehicle’s windscreen a notification about the obligation to pay an additional fee in the amount specified in the regulations.

Failure to pay the additional fee may result in, among others entry in the register of debtors and referring the case to court, which may result in significantly higher costs and consequences. In the absence of payment of an additional fee, WiParking forwards debt collection requests to appropriate debt collection companies and law firms. The receivables are collected for several years, but no sooner than 3 months from the call.

If you are interested in paying the outstanding balance, you can reduce the cost to which the creditor is ultimately burdened by paying off the debt before debt collection companies start collecting it.

For this purpose, please contact WiParking at the following email address:

If you receive a request for an additional fee from a debt collection company or law firm, please contact the company to which you contact us in the letter received. Also in this case, the payment of arrears before going to court will allow you to ignore the considerable costs of court proceedings.